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  Thursday, Nov 26, 2015
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LAUNCHED! Yamaha YZF-R15 2.0
New fatter tyres, better clutch action, newer ECU and improved exhaust among changes
By : BSM Desk | Published : September 06, 2011 | Photos : BSM
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Yamaha R15 2.0
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Yamaha has just launched the new YZF-R15 earlier today. And if your hopes were pinned on a 250cc motor in the new bike, you're in for much disappointment.

The new R15 is powered by the same 150cc liquid-cooled, fuel-injected motor that did sterling service in its sporty predecessor. But don't let that cause you to burn that bank cheque made out to Yamaha yet, because the R15 version 2.0 does really have a few updates, rather than a mere sticker job.

Although the specs are largely the same, the new R15 boasts of a new Engine Control Unit (ECU), upgrades to the drive train (there aren't any details yet of what exactly has been done) and a new exhaust system. Work has also been done on the clutch, with a more robust axle shaft making it into the new R15 and the throttle body pulley has been grafted into a circular profile for better throttle response

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blog comments powered by Disqus
  Posted by Atten at 9th November,2011
Cc is too less hope company will increase the cc of r15 atleast 250cc
  Posted by jensu at 3rd October,2011
is it a tubeless tyres.......?
  Posted by anubhav at 27th September,2011
5 days my r15.. Dn knw hw bt i dnnn wnaaa ths 5 days.. Nw i only say YES!YAMAHA!!
  Posted by Akshay at 27th September,2011
Great work by yamaha! The minor changes may help increase performance by a little margin.but the design changes will help greatly in handling as the wheel base has been increased. Now the looks is great. Great work by yamaha. But this type of seriousness should be there in entry level segment!hope yamaha listens!
  Posted by Prashant chaudhary at 25th September,2011
i expect upgrade model in 250cc. really disappointed.
  Posted by sheetal patnayak at 24th September,2011
looks sexy though!!
  Posted by akram at 14th September,2011
hi. i like speed and yamaha biks rx100 and rx135 5speed that 2 biks have a good engin power and good mentennens bik. after one more time japenis give to us one beutefull and good power in 150cc r15. i like long power but not bad it's good for indian rood's iwant more power in yamaha biks spicialy in yamaha showroom in india. i m working in harley davidson com... as a ticnition but my first bik is a yamaha rx100 but i like to ride yamaha in my contry in india but yamaha com..... is not giving to us more power.i need sir more power atlest 250cc its good for indian roods plz.... plz.... do that....!
  Posted by jason antony at 12th September,2011
looks sexy though!!
  Posted by rohit at 11th September,2011
Same power, increased weight, pathetic upgrade by yamaha.
  Posted by joydeep ghorai at 7th September,2011
it makes me mad badlyyyyy....ohhh GOD!!! its awsmmmm.....thnx yamaha...thnx 4 my DIWALI gfT..going 2 buy it....thnx
  Posted by praveen at 7th September,2011
Dumbest possible upgrade. And to think Yamaha built up this hype for months.. Weight has gone up, without increase in power. So one wud pay a higher price with lower performance!
  Posted by Vikram Chauhan at 6th September,2011
Oh dear...heartbreaking. I was actually hoping that it wouldn't just be a 250, but a 250 twin. Massively disappointed, Yamaha.
  Posted by mohammed akram at 6th September,2011
Oh boy! they have changed the silencer; very bad the old one was a design in itself;
  Posted by mani at 6th September,2011
its really owesome
  Posted by vaikunth at 6th September,2011
not bad
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