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  Wednesday, Dec 02, 2015
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Scoot at sight!
Our quick review of every petrol-fuelled gear-less scooter on sale in the country today!
By : Ruman Devmane | Published : June 27, 2012
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What's it about?

Aimed purely at girls, the TVS Scooty Pep+ has been around for a long time. You thought the polka dotted one was outrageous? The new one comes with flowers... Anyway, the Scooty Pep+ is available in an incredible 99 shades, starting from 'Tendence Green' (yuck!) to 'Rosso Shiraz' (err) going up to 'Rouge Babylone' (just stop it already!). That said, the Pep+ is the only scooter in the country (or maybe even in the world) to offer cleverly mounted trainer wheels – indispensable to the thousands of lasses fresh out of high school. The Streak is based on the same platform and has specs identical to the Pep+ but is targeted at the less girly, er, girls. It's priced slightly above the Pep+ and boasts an external fuel-filler cap and a mobile charger (of course...) as standard.

FOR: Girls will like it a lot

AGAINST: Girls will like the Vespa a lot more...

Displacement: 87.8cc

Power: 4.9 bhp@6500 rpm
Torque: 0.5 kgm@4000 rpm
Brakes: 110mm drum (f/r)
Tyres: 3.00 x 10 (f/r)/90/90 R10 (Streak)
Saddle height: NA
Fuel tank capacity: 5/4.7 litres (Streak)
Kerb weight: 95/96 kg (Streak)
Price: 48,600/50,200 (Streak)

Read about the TVS Wego on page 12>>

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  Posted by visezo at 24th September,2012
a big thank you to u guys! im a huge fan of bsm! plannin fo a scoot,probably flyte or Dio( alrdy hv a bik slingshot+)jus for bazaar like carryin veg. bags etc. which one shud i choose,price n mileage is imp. but mainly price is imp.
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