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  Thursday, Nov 26, 2015
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Toyota Etios Liva vs Maruti Suzuki Swift
Can the made-for-India hatch dethrone the established king of the segment
By : Srinivas Krishnan | Published : July 01, 2011
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At a time when an all-new Swift is around the corner (in all likelihood, September 2011), it perhaps does not make sense to compare the Liva with the outgoing model. But remember, Maruti Suzuki is still working full steam to produce Swifts – we Indians can’t have enough of it! So let’s go ahead anyway...

If you’re looking solely at the fun-to-drive factor, then the Swift is the winner. The Swift’s superbly balanced underpinnings make it an engaging car to drive and the four-cylinder K-series motor only takes it up a notch higher. The Liva is not too bad; the gearshift quality is good while the light body and grippy rubber make it a chuckable car. But the Liva’s steering feel and feedback is more tuned for comfort and ease of operation in tight spots, notwithstanding the leather-wrapped flat-bottomed sporty steering wheel! The ride quality offered by the Swift’s suspension is not as good as that of the Liva, but on the other hand, that’s what makes it a delight when it comes to corner carving. The Liva’s setup soaks up bumps better, of course. The engine of the Liva is a bit stressed compared to the Swift’s, especially at higher rpms. It is more tuned to do the city drive effortlessly and efficiently rather than thrill you to bits.

But there’s more to a car than just the fun factor, right? The Liva is more spacious and comfortable for rear passengers while the Swift is not. The quality of the plastics and switchgear is better in the Suzuki. And of course, we Indians love the way the Swift looks, though aesthetics never stopped us from lining up to buy the Etios. The main factor that worked for the sedan, and now for the hatchback will be that it’s a Toyota that’s affordable.

It is easy to give a verdict at this moment that the Swift is for those who enjoy driving while the Liva is for those who want a functional, spacious, cheap Toyota. But we’ll stick our necks out on this one: we’ll go for the Swift – this one or maybe even the one that’s just around the corner!

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  Posted by Pragnesh Soni at 24th March,2012
Please guide me what is the best car in petrol model. Maruti Swift or Etios Liva? plz send me real and fact guidelines.
  Posted by dr duggal at 17th November,2011
lisen users all these are dealers fighting wth each other for their benifits bt toyota engine is number one engine remember it dnt believe me see on net and if u buy liva u will enjoy a facilities of a fridge and microwave in its dashboard in different seasons
  Posted by Immanuel at 27th October,2011
I am a proud owner of LIVA for the last 3 months having booked the car on the very first day of launch. Before booking, I was also sceptical about the ETIOS and so many people commenting on poor interiors. But, once I Test drove ETIOS sedan, I was impressed by the overall package - good handling, best ride quality, good ground clearance, best space and seating comfort, peppy engine with good driveablity. All this factors made me to book the LIVA and today I very much stand by my decision. I have driven more than 3000 KM in Chennai City peak hour traffic and the Chennai Byepass road. The car (petrol) now gives me approx 14.30 KMPL when most driving is during peak hour bumper to bumper traffic with AC on 50% of the time. Came across in one article of Autocar India that the braking in LIVA is the best with the new swift among the least efficient. There are so may owners who have reported in various websites like teambhp about the poor braking in the new swift. Also swift generally
  Posted by prateek at 25th September,2011
ya i am satisfied with raj as everyone want to show Liva down.I have also seen the interior and is better than swift with more space becoz people love to sit in spacious car rather than in small car,and Liva is giving u more space in budget of small car.After sitting in Liva i got the feel of luxurious car.I would prefer Liva is better than swift.Liva u roockkk..........
  Posted by A Ram Kumar at 22nd September,2011
We have actually booked a Maruti Swift petrol and with the unrest at Manesar plant the delivery is not expected at least in the next the meantime petrol price hike has also come which prompted us to look at diesel options. I would be grateful if you can help me clear the confusion -whether it is worth waiting for the Swift petrol or look at Figo diesel or Liva diesel..thanks in advance.
  Posted by DRG at 27th July,2011
It's not the fun to drive factor - blah blah make the swift winner but one and only factor - IT'S A MARUTI with a low total cost of Ownership (TCO). Now having driven Liva and Swift, my choice would be LIVA for one single reason - Utility. The car handles amazingly well and give you excellent value for money. I who weigh around 0.1 ton can sit with folded legs at the back seat with enough of leg room in front of me to have a rice bag. Just for information, I am driving a maruti as of now.. and no way connected to Totyota sales. Things that go in favour of swift are (i) Number of service centres (ii) Interior plastics and quality. Liva fails on this badly and looks very cheap.
  Posted by SAJ at 20th July,2011
Maruti has been cheating indian customers by selling the outdated suzuki swift to indians.Now they are again trying to fool indians by just giving a face lift.They are not giving the VVT engine in the new swift also.
  Posted by Shivmeet at 20th August,2011
  The new swift has a vvt engine.
  Posted by amit sengupta at 19th July,2011
The Liva looks like a competent car and coming from Toyota, should be ultra reliable. But it has a very cheap feel inside - Toyota will lose sales simply because of the lousy interiors!
  Posted by Tejus at 17th July,2011
6 years and still not even a giant like Toyota can beat the Swift. It's a legend in it's own right!
  Posted by shreesree at 16th July,2011
can someone tell me why so many etios bookings are cancelled??
  Posted by Rakesh Chawla at 11th July,2011
Please Suggest The Purchase Of The Car Of Liva & Swift Please Mail Thank You
  Posted by Danny at 9th July,2011
new swift looks like crap. whats new? less steel and more glass (read bigger headlights. well that would reduce costs. Suzuki when will u change? will u ever?
  Posted by ashok khatri at 6th July,2011
make new swift with all latest features zdi we are ready to pay more.
  Posted by tanveeer at 3rd July,2011
as i know dat toyota is d world's no 1 manufacturer...dat means thre shuld be sumthng good fr d a2 segmrnt customers.....& thre iz a mental satisfaction fr d customers..dat iz itz world's no 1 TOYOTA....
  Posted by Godwin at 2nd July,2011
Liva looks like a Maruti Alto (India) at the rear and a Maruti Zen (old model) in the side profile. Heard Toyota did a research to find what the Indian customers like, and seems they had found that outdated designs, bad plastic quality, chromium on front and rear, and petrol engines are Indian small car buyers favourites.. read in this article that the QUALITY of the plastics and switchgear is better in the Suzuki than Toyota. Q promise. So atlast a 6 year old Maruti car beats a brand new Toyota (both with same price range)
  Posted by Harshad at 4th July,2011
  absolutely well said Godwin! I went for a test drive and could not believe the interiors were so cheap in the Liva. Everything from the seats, to the door side panels, dashboard looks CHEAP. The drive is very comfortable but the car is not what one would call "zippy". An overall a lack of features compared to even i10/20 is glaring! I waited for Liva for a long time and its really turned out to be a disappointment from Toyota :(
  Posted by Rajeev sharma at 2nd July,2011
Seems to be genuineally commented upon and definitely help to choose my next car Thanx
  Posted by prem at 2nd July,2011
i like swift vdi ,my loving car
  Posted by Raj at 8th July,2011
  Liva is much better than Maruti Swift. All the comments as mentioned above are not true. Probably these are the idea to show Liva down.
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